Mini Self-propelled Scissor Lifts

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Supporting arms, to protect the operator when he is doing repair or maintenance job.

Manual lowering handle, When the operation system failed or the battery power is too low to let the platform decline, we can use this handle to lower the machine.

Anti-overturning system, When the machine raises to more than 2m,this system will work automatically, to protect the machine from overturning while walking at un-levelling ground.

Explosion proof valve, to prevent the machine falling when the oil pipe is leaking.


Mini Size

The compact size allows the machine to fit in an elevator with free access.


Light Weight

The machine is very light, which can meet the load limit of elevator and better protect the ground.


Large Capacity

Though the machine weight is light, it has a large capacity, the machine can allow two people working together at the same time.

Also comes with an extendable platform.


High Efficiency

Equipped with an efficient fully electrified DC drive system, more durable and longer life.


Low Failure Rate

Simple and clear system, drawer structure, easier maintenance, lower cost of use.


High Rewarding

Transport and procurement costs are lower, and rental prices are comparable to regular models.


Green Environment Protection

Electric drive walking system, zero-emission, low noise, more suitable for indoor use.



Slide out Drawer makes it easy to do Maintenance on internal components.

Mini Self-propelled Scissor Lifts