Man-up Turret Stock Picker

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The 3,000-3,500lbs man-up tri-lateral stacker for narrow aisles and high bay warehouses can meet the needs of customers for operations in narrow aisles and high stacking heights. Featuring a high lift, high load capacity, and small turning radius, as well as advanced performance, easy operations, high safety, reliability, etc… It is an ideal solution for handling and stacking long materials indoors. Streamlined surface modeling, smooth profile outlines, attractive and agreeable.

The double safety pedals left and right guardrails, automatic induction joystick, and other active and passive safety systems are equipped to prevent hazards caused by misoperation. The fully open door enables easy repair, maintenance, and commissioning. The side battery removal with rollers enables easy repair and maintenance. The ergonomically arranged joystick, instruments, and switches make operations more comfortable and flexible. Equipped with the electro-hydraulic control buffer system, the fork slows down automatically when arriving at an end of any position to reduce the impact.


Intelligent Electromagnetic brake allows for more efficient and safer braking. With the advanced electro-hydraulic control system, the traveling speed is automatically associated with the lifting height and turning angle; The load weight is automatically associated with the lifting height; thus the fork position is intelligently identified and the traveling speed is controlled.

High Efficiency:

The narrow aisles required for operations and the forklift height of up to 11950mm maximize the space availability of your warehouses. The high lift mast boasts high load capacity and improved stacking efficiency.


Wide body structure design allows the stacker efficient stability. Frame and mast made of high-strength framework structure and low center of gravity enable good stability.


The low center of gravity at three pivots and the high strength of the main force-bearing components such as the frame and mast are designed to meet heavy-duty operating conditions. The main electrical components such as the motor controller, contactor, power plug and emergency cut-off switch are all products of well-known brands.

Standard Specifications:

  • Stand-on type & seated type
  • Battery-side roll out
  • Hooter
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Multi-function instrument
  • Fork height display
  • Strobe light
  • LED light in the cabin
  • Safety Harness
  • Polyurethane Tires
  • Electric power steering system
  • Electromagnetic parking brake
  • Security operating system
  • Traveling speed control during lifting
  • Traveling speed control at the corner

Optional Extra’s:

  • Fork Camera
  • Positioning laser
  • Tag access
  • Blue lights front and rear
  • Red side safety lights
  • Panorama glass roof
  • Mirrors

Man-up Turret Stock Picker