Articulation Boom Lift

Additional information


  • This machine has articulation boom which can work across the obstacle. It can carry two people and some tools in the basket. The machine allows you to operate it in limited place with narrow design and small radius turning system. You can operate the machine from basket or base control, so when you want to move it, you do not need to go down the machine. Multi-motion control allows you to operate several actions simultaneously. With this machine, you can do work more efficiently and comfortable.


  • Increase the ground clearance to improve passability; This platform is provided with rough terrain tires, which are more suitable for working outside; Climbing performance is increased to 30%; Potentiometer is installed on the equipment, so that the left and right wheels have different speeds when steering, so the steering is more stable.

High Efficiency:

  • Basket control box: each action of the device can be controlled through the control box to quickly reach the working area, and the control is simple and easy to understand.
    Standard tracking battery: Reduce 40% of the charge time, and raise 50% of the lifetime.


  • Tires: foam-filled tires with good off-road performance


  • Base control box: the control box can be used to control each action of the device, easy to understand.
  • Swing shaft design, good off-road performance, keep stable when crossing potholes.
  • Middle arm frame, compact structure, safe and stable.
  • Control system redundancy design, cylinder to the top buffer design, the boom movement is smooth, comfortable operation.
  • All key parts adopt well-known brands in the industry, with high reliability
  • Four-wheel electromagnetic braking;

Articulation Boom Lift