A Series – Reach Truck

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A Series Reach Truck has a large circular arc-type cab, overall the machine has a more steam-lined look and compact design making the Reach Truck visually appealing. Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instruments all form part of the new features available on the A Series Reach Truck.



  • High frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling and lifting with better adjustable performance
  • The traction system is arranged in the right rear of the chassis, thanks to the right and left 90° turning drive wheel, the truck can travel in the narrow space flexibly
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) is standard specification provides flexible operation


High Efficiency:

  • Three braking options are available with regenerative braking, reverse current braking, parking brake and auto speed control on gradients and slopes
  • Improvements on energy saving and efficacy
  • Low noise, no exhaust emission, low energy consumption all contribute to the Reach Truck being environment friendly and ideal for indoor usage



  • The driver can choose two operation modes: standing or seated – Remove



  • Ergonomically designed joystick, can control the truck travel forward or backward easily



  • The Reach Truck cannot be operated unless the driver presses the pedal (Operator Presence Pedal) which is equipped with a switch, the feature greatly improves safety and reliability
  • Low center of gravity design and 4-pivot equipped with side support system for safe and reliable operation
  • All the key parts such as waterproof connectors, electromagnetic brake and emergency switch adopt the famous brand, greatly improve the reliability of the electric system
  • There is overloading protection for electronics and hydraulic system



  • Fully opened hood means accessibility of all components which is ideal for a convenient service
  • The battery box can be easily removed pulled out when the mast reach is fully forward, it’s easy for maintain


Optional Extra’s:

  • 7-5.0m duplex mast, built-in side shifter, fork tilting
  • 3 6M to 12.5m full-free triplex mast built-in side shifter, fork tilting
  • Various fork lengths
  • Imported high-performance battery
  • Optional large capacity battery 420Ah, 560Ah
  • Fully automatic high-frequency charger
  • Other attachments
  • Larger load backrest
  • Load and drive wheels use the Vulkollan material
  • Height monitoring system
  • Lifting height limitation system
  • Alarm lamp, rear headlamp or other lamps
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Electrical buzzer for forward and backward movements
  • Adjustable seat with OPS switch
  • 360° Steering mode
  • CE Safety Requirements

A Series – Reach Truck