A Series – Electric Pallet Truck

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Simple and beautiful tiller is designed to easily operate all functions even with one hand.


  • The latest CURTIS AC control system provides accurate and stable control to work more efficiently
  • Regenerative brake and slope anti-slide function are good safety features of this pallet truck


High Efficiency:

  • AC travelling motor applied to provide excellent acceleration, good gradeability, low heat, no carbon brush and is maintenance free. Max travel speed  of 9.5Km/h with high speed and high efficiency
  • The applied CANBUS structure  offers more reliable and faster command access



  • The shock absorption design of foldable platform improves comfort greatly to the operator. (Stand-on)
  • The new designed floating suspension driving system adjusts automatically with loads and gives the driving wheels sufficient power. (Stand-on)
  • Turtle speed function  allows the pallet truck to move at a slower speed which helps to stack goods in narrow spaces
  • Optimised designing structure  offers  good visibility and easy entrance to the pallet truck
  • The compact body and big rounded design provides an ideal operation in limited space and the wedge designed chassis greatly increases the passing ability.



  • Five-pivot with low centre of gravity design and high strength steel frame structure chassis provides larger residual load capability and longer working life.
  • Water-proof plugs and connectors applied to provide  reliable protection to the electric system.
  • The adopted unique floating suspension system ensures good driving wheels’ grip and excellent stability.
  • Top quality hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing  operation.
  • Punch-formed forks to provide more strength and tip guide to provide higher efficient operation.
  • H-type mast profile section to provide more stable and rigid performance.
  • The power plug is fixed on the truck body to avoid damage from battery instalment.



  • The three braking types: releasing brake, reversing brake and emergency brake, increases the driving safety of the pallet truck. .
  • The applied slope anti-slip function ensures the safety of the operation.
  • The emergency button on the tiller head can effectively avoid harm to the driver.
  • Lifting limitation switch to offer protection  from damaging the load.
  • Turning speed is automatically reduced when steering.

A Series – Electric Pallet Truck